I'm steve.

For me, teaching is one of the most humbling, vulnerable, and mysterious endeavors I’ve ever embarked upon. It’s such an honor to serve people all over the world through speaking.

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From Steve

“Now is the time the world needs your true self,
your whole heart, your greatest courage, and the fullness of your joy.”

– Steve Carter


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Saying About Steve

“My brother Steve Carter is a gifted archaeologist of the soul. There’s so much inside that’s inside all of us: both beauty and brokenness, pain and hope.”

Ashlee Eiland

Ashlee Eiland

Pastor & Author

“Steve’s words will challenge and motivate you to live a life that points others to the Author of life itself … Prepare to be inspired!”

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

Speaker & Author

“Steve is the guide that many of us have been searching for and are finally discovering. His words have spoken so much truth into my life over the past few years… words of healing that need to reach the hearts of thousands.”

Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker

Author & Speaker

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